SCA-186 Sidekick SCA186 Sidekick Generator Refurbishment

Do you currently have an SCA-186 Sidekick SCA generator and need service? When was the last time it was checked and brought back to factory specs?

We offer refurbishment for SCA186 Sidekick generators that includes power supply, subcarrier level, frequency, and audio processor check out. 

Refurbishment cost is $995.00 plus shipping expense. Ship the box to us and include a check, along with a description of any particular issues with the unit. Be sure to protect the rack ears so that they do not become damaged in shipment.

Call us at (609) 647-9677 with any questions about the refurbishment process. You can also pay via Paypal using the link on this page before shipping the generator to us.

Thank you!


SCA 186 Repair

Ship to: 

Joe Stack

 Stackley Devices, LLC

613 Wyncrest Drive

Cranbury, NJ 08512